Friday, January 30, 2009


I’m not a father but still I have many children!... sounds crazy. I mean, I play a mentoring role of a father to some children whom I interact with. Lot of us do it and everyone loves to do it. I don’t know if I’m right, but the word Child has more energy than what e = mc2 has, probably Einstein failed to observe this. If the word child has such potential then imagine about the word Children… They multiply. I’ve been observing it for quite a long time at the projects which we do. [Courtesy AID Delhi]

We all used to listen to stories when we were young, and our ancestors use to tell us stories which have angles in it and with all exclamations listen to them. I always had a question that where these angles come from and how do they look like and the answer would be Angles are gifted by GOD but silly Selva still asks a question Don’t they have Mom and Dad and the reply would be yes their Mom and Dad both are :GOD”. Sweet isn’t it. When I was in school I heard about orphanage and children living there who didn’t have Mom and Dad with them and I always fantasized visiting there just was curious to relate how these angles looked like, whether they have white cloths around them with a feathery wings. Our comic writer’s imagination is so poor which gets intruded into the readers as well and we’ve always seen angels like that, may it be in comic books or in movie stories.

During my college days I got a chance to visit an orphanage [I used to call it as a temple as I feel angles live there]. I don’t know if my childhood fantasies still was in me or not but I swear I could see none other than angels [both the male and female versions. No gender discrimination : P] in front of my eyes. Why I call them angels is because they don’t know who they are and also don’t know who I am but only give a smile to me and other all the time and say that we are in the world to make others happy. I don’t know if the institution taught them this but I know that children speak from their heart and these are someone special.

I also explored about how many such institutions in India exist and got to know there are thousands. Then I also got to know that there is a process by which one can adopt a child. I was pretty impressed to know that there is a chance of adoption. I say it’s a chance for us but if we carefully read it, it’s a hope for the child a new world, where the child can explore more about love and affection for a father and mother. I decided there that I would adopt a child in my life. I’m not a person who gets emotional immediately, at the same time I’m not a person who sees relationships as professional, it takes time for me to get into emotional attachment with anything and once I get attached then there is no stopping and this is something I felt emotional very immediately, but later I realized that after adoption I should certainly tell the child about the history behind him / her, so that I fairly give an opportunity to him / her to choose his / her own life. I would like to play a role of a mentor and that doesn’t mean that I would not pour my fatherhood to the child. The definition of adoption could differ and have any meaning for individuals, but all it holds is a new ray of hope for the children which would make a difference to not only the child. So friends why don’t we all take the word forward and encourage adoption in and around us.

After all we live in India where we Adopt to live with every thing which we don’t like and are not happy with. [Should I quote example for this as well??, no offence meant :D], but the child adoption does make us happy!!!.. Let’s make a new world for us and for others.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Plight of a Romance.......

18th February 1996

That morning when I was very happy as I was getting ready to go to attend a seminar in my old school. I moved out of that school after my 5th standard to another one. It was so exciting to go back to those classrooms and the corridor's where we spent a convincing amount of time. Oh between, the seminar is the one which happens a couple of weeks before our hindi exam which is conducted by Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha. There are 8 exams in total at an interval of 6 months each so at the end of 4th year (i.e after completing the 8th exam), you'll be awarded a degree equivalent to bachalors degree in hindi literature. I was on to write my last exam by then and the name of it was Praveen Uttarard.

Generally we get to meet a lot of people from different places of the town (Ambasamudram and its near by area) with whom we interact once in 6 months :). We also have our tution mates and that exam I wrote without tution (I studied on my own). It was great fun once we reach the school when you roam around with your school mates (ya there were a few as well, who were writing other exams), ex tution mates, other people and discussing all the things in the world expect the seminar. I just went into the class room and I always prefer to sit very next to the window. The window in that class room is so wonderful. Its a huge window which was with grills and very outside the window you'll see a 20 m wide ground and classrooms on the other end of the ground as well. Suddenly the crowd started to disperse to their respective classroom and the ground was getting emptied and thats when I get to see a cute little girl wrapped up in a nice green salwar crossing the corridor and suddenly the bell rang and I realized that I'm awe struck. It was just a few seconds but I can still remember the grandeur feel at the plight of her walk. The next thing I tried was to get out of the class but to my bad luck the speaker of the seminar entered the room.

As soon as the session ended, it was the hunt again to know who she is and which class she is in and along with my friend with me it was not a difficult task. At the end of the 10 min break we could collect her name, and her address and her school name, but couldn't meet her or find see her at the break. I could just not resist myself from getting out of the next session as this was the first time in my life when I felt something for a girl, when I felt something like seeing some girl again and again. The sessions generally in the seminar are so irritating and that day it was even worse and thankfully we got to break for lunch. The first think I did was to walk out of the class as soon as the bell rang and peepp into the other classes for her. My friend too joined me between but couldn't find her. He said with a smile that she is in the class of Madhyama (2nd exam). I decided to attend the afternoon session there and went in a choosed a corner seat of the class.

After lunch when she entered the class again the bell rang (this generally happens in comic stories and later saw in a movie too)... but believe me it happened. She sat in a chair which was three rows in front to me and three columns left to me and was in a perfect diagonal to me. Thank God! said me and just started to stare into her. I could hear nothing in the hall during the session and I couldn't feel any color in the room apart from green..... The feel was like everyone else in the class are dancing around us. Thanks to tamil movies which made me comfortable when I was thinking like this. Finally the bell rang in such a quick time and the seminar ended.........

A lot more interesting things happened after this..... wait and watch (oops.. read) :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Page from an Album called D-51

How do we feel if we get to see a beautiful bunch of different flowers wrapped in and smiles fresh on us!!..... Marvelous!!!!. D-51, is the bunch with five different flowers in it, yes living flowers which have more life time!, each of them having their own way of spreading around fragrance and smiles. I hope everyone who've known D-51 for sometime now would definitely agree to the above said fact. You get to see a lot of friends among yourselves who might be sharing their rooms, sharing their workspace, but you hardly get to see people sharing their lives. This garden has it!.

Just lets get into a small flashback.... a year ago... somewhere in the late December of 2007, I started to explore some crazy moments with Arun by traveling to Gurgaon from Noida to watch Jab We Met for the 7th time by catching a truck :D. Later I started to travel to Noida often to watch late night movies with Darshan and Arun, though movie viewing was not the primary reason which kept me meeting these guys. The primary reason being Prayas and its new shape which was getting to bud up. Those chill and freezing cold December nights were so pleasant when we guys used to walk down after our late night shows from spice. I used to get back to IIT where I stayed and one fine night, I was suggested by Arun and Darshan to stay with them.

I was then introduced to Chauhan and Rambo (seriously I got to know his name as Amit some 4 months back when I got a call from someone asking him on our landline phone :P). It all started there and I started to visit them frequently. We used to have a lot of non stop serious "bak-bak" session from AID to World Economy (though we had nothing interesting in it). Most of the talks would end with a lot of questions without any answer as well, but still the discussions kept on going. I started to literaly invade (yes thats the right word and to put it in Hindi "Kabja karna") this garden as I started to smell the essence of it. I had a very little of interaction with Chauhan and Rambo that time. I became a pseudo tenant of D-51.

Parvathi mata's aaloo parantha's were one more reason for me to invade the room on weekends. It was some merry moments which kept me going there again and again. One fine day as expected, Rambo called me and said "bhai bura mat maanna, Aunty is not feeling happy about you coming here and staying with us. tum aaya karo but kabhi kabhi". I don't know how others could have taken this statement but I felt that Rambo is true and he from his heart feels that I should keep coming to the room. The same day evening I again went back and stayed there and there was one more time when I was told the same lines mentioned above.

Chauhan and Rambo must have felt my need in the room it seems (:P... jhoote mat maarna yaaron).... they talked to our landlord and have officially made me as a member of D-51, but one thing which was put as the main agenda was AID and Prayas should not be put forward all the time at our room and it should not be made as a meeting point, but actually we used to have lot of AID and Prayas discussions in the room which makes Rambo and Chauhan boring but having no options left out.

The best part I enjoy in our garden D-51 is each one lives and shares every moment to others. May it be Rambo's IAS results , the children of prayas getting admitted to school, Chauhan's search for his girl friend, Arun's efforts to become more responsible or Darshan's frequent trip to Shimla (Darshan tum shimla baar baar kyun jaate ho?) and yes my endless look at the orkut profile :P, we all live those moments and are happy to share those moments. There might be hardly anything which we spare to share. This means that how much we care. I've always felt that with these guys around my wishes always getting fulfilled.

There are a lot more moments which would need separate articles in each to explain..... such as our frequent cake cutting!!!!.. beleive me the shop keeper at Defence Bakery, Defense Colony now knows tales of D-51., my cooking experiments etc., etc.,

Album is a thing which everyone would love to go through again and again. It just has those lovely photos which brings the memories just in front of us at every moment. That's the reason why I'd like to call the moments at D-51 as an Album..... (its also a garden) its just filled with wonderful and merrier moments throughout..... and I've shared a very few photos of that here....

Thanks Arun, Darshan, Chauhan and Rambo for decorating my album!!!!

hoping to share more merry pages here!!!!!