Thursday, April 16, 2009


23rd April, 2009
I could not have asked for a better day to post this blog :). This is completely a devotion to a divine relationship with my sister.. Before getting into the story.. A Very Happy Birthday Dearest Divya!!!!.....    

It has been 25 years now.....believe me I could not have asked for a better sister :). I still remember the kinder garden days of ours... It was always a cat - mouse game at the house everyday for some or the other thing and eventually we end up in beating each other! [There was no TV at home and we didn't know about Tom and Jerry by then]. I would mostly end up losing the competition. I admire her tough fight towards anything. Unfortunately we were not in the same school when we were doing our elementary and she've always pointed that as the reason why she scores a bit lesser mark than me, but believe me the amount of time and efforts she puts into study is mind blowing. I was forced to sit with a book in my hand many a times because of this girl [though I never liked to sit and study and even when I sat I just simply keep imagining and day dreaming :)].  

We got a chance to go together to school after we entered our secondary education.... Those must be some of the very beautiful days in our life... In fact that was the time when we got to know each other better and the most admirable part in this is we spoke [and still speak] a very little between us. I've always believed that if you love a person to such an extent, you'll automatically sense their mind and understand them even with out a word being exchanged.... that is why I always say silence is the best language to express love. With all these things we used to fight in the home and at the end of the day that was the only entertainment we had :). She've saved many a times from getting caught at home... at least she got a chance to express her love towards me but I never reflected anything for her those days....  

It was the day when I left home to my diploma; I realized how much I miss her. I don't know how it all happened but the mutual respect / admiration / complementation for each other had almost "n" powered from there.  The best of the emotions in every relationship remains still unexpressed and it always comes out when we are away / separated / miss the person.  This is what I would quote after realizing it. I would also say that the relationship between the brother and sister is the best possible relationship in the world.    

I always wanted her to do her higher studies and I used to suggest her to do her higher studies. I never forced her because I never want to take a decision about her life on my own as it completely belongs to her. I always have trusted her that whatever she chooses for her would be right and the best possible one [though my mother would disagree on this]. Finally due to some circumstances she chooses to do her higher studies [Engineering], though she never liked to study and is topping her college. I bet no one will have such an attitude and one would never feel that this girl could do such things [You've to see her and interact to believe]. It is all because of the love she has got for me and my mom. If I have something in my life which I can be proud of then it’s my sister :). I've so far never said a NO and would never say a NO for her [may it be whatever it is]. I think she knows this better than me :).   

I seriously thought of drafting out a long [in fact thought of writing my longest] post for her but I'm running out of words and I'm already drenched with some layer of fluid over my retina.... Oh don't worry!.. This tastes "So Sweet"......   

A Very Happy Birthday Sweetest Sister!,
With love, 

Shiksha Adhoori III [Education Incomplete III)

Thought of rejuvenating the Shiksha Adhoori series... For people who have not read the earlier posts on the same, please follow the link Shiksha Adhoori I , Shiksha Adhoori II . Though this post is no way related as a follow up of my earlier posts but some thoughts which reflects on the way how education is incomplete might be analogous and interesting to a few. When I was preparing to write this entry, interestingly I got to come across a random blog by a friend who've written about MORALITY, TRADITION AND SEXUALITY OF WOMEN in Indian community [I hope she wrote with Indian community as context] and after reading that all I could see was the fault in our education system which failed to incorporate the values of feminism.

We at today's world talk about women empowerment / equality in rights to the counter sex of ours, but have we seriously thought about where the biasing began from. I'm not a history student or follower of history but as far what I've read / understood is women held an equal importance of what men did in Vedic era [I might be wrong], but this changed with time... not going detailed into history, the system [as of I know] was functioning on the following basis in which men and women shared equal responsibilities out of which men took the responsibilities of earning food and shelter for a family and women took the equal responsibilities of managing the food and shelter earned by men, thus stuck at home. I don't find anything wrong in this system as both share their responsibilities mutually by doing all the necessary things for the household and running a family unless the decision made / taken has equal say from both, but eventually this concept has been misinterpreted as the men started to socially move out of home and explore more of the world than a women who was restricted by the responsibilities of her. [O.k... no more history.. coming to the topic].

Now.... after a few more generations we are here in this world to discuss about gender biasing etc., I never knew history or geography till I opened my book.... At home I knew that my mom cooks but I also knew that my mom went to job. Luckily my father was working as a cook in a hotel and I knew that father can also cook and wash vessels. I'm not sure if that was the status of every house. I didn't get to see a gender biasing at my home but always have felt that my father had the final say even though my mom equally argued and made a point all the time that her opinion does counts and sometimes win the argument as well. I never knew that the financial strength made her talk :).

But as far as I remember, my books have always reflected that mom does household work only but father does the rest... a few examples could be "Mom cooks food" and "Father reads news paper"..."Mom buys Vegetables" and "Father buys a car / TV”. Whatever. I always wonder will the vegetable seller refuse to sell vegetables if father goes to buy that. I also remember a few history lessons [though I used to hate history] discussing about the emperors and their queens, it always [at least 97 % of the time] reflects women as entertainment material to the men.

The friend in her blog mentions "Fidelity and purity of women is so associated with her sexuality and more over ‘virginity’. A girl is termed as the izzat, laaj (honour) of the family, as if fathers and brothers of the family are shame to the family".... very true.. This is what was taught as moral education in schools. Another simple examples would be in the sports ground... boys and girls have a physical education period where boys were allowed to play outdoor sports but girls weren't., even if they get a chance to play outdoor games they were supposed to play tennikoit and ball badminton as if they'll not be able to play hockey [The boys team was continuously champion for around 21 years in our district], who knows the girls might have excelled.

I don't see the system of education provides some solution / tend to eradicate the problem of gender biasing rather it is the base where the whole thing is brought up on a child's mind.... The system is sowing weeds on the minds rather than sowing seeds and trying to cut down after it gets grown up.

Shiksha Adhoori would continue.... share your experiences and views.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


This post is just a hypothetical thought of mine which has been running through for a few days!. It tries to associate an individual’s life [rather my life] with the way nature exists. We all know about the nature and its evolution and how it persists. The nature moves on with seasons!.... Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Not everyone enjoys all the season.
Out of all the most pleasing is Spring and Autumn. Like the nature, life has its own kind of seasons….. and a few of them are blissful, calamitous, depressed, frolicsome, vexation…etc., etc., The difference between the seasons of nature and life is, nature follows an invariable order of the changes in season but human’s doesn’t, nevertheless ours is a mixture of all. What I understand is anything in life exists for a certain period of time and eventually changes… it’s a kind of similarity between nature….
The period of blissfulness, frolicsome or merrier moments are something like the spring and autumn where we see everything around us beautiful, pleasant and appealing, rather the same thing given a depressed state would get related to a hot summer evening when person piles up all his frustration. There is epoch to every season may it be in nature or it is in life…. I’ve also observed mostly the transition phase is so dainty in both the cases if you are person who eulogize every moment may it be bliss or calamityJ. On an over enthusiastic note, I’d also quote out a few of the drizzling evenings that occurs suddenly on a hot summer day which is equivalent to a cherishing moment on the depressed phase. It has got its own aesthetics.
Sometimes I’ve also felt summers as an enjoyable season, I assume more people would agree with me [as I’m not quoting and example].. that is the phase when it’s tough and if one can establish himself / herself by tackling it ripens your thought and make more mature. [I compare the state of depression, vexation with summer]. As we always know that there would definitely be a change in season!, If there is a summer which goes on an autumn would follow on. Let’s enjoy all the seasons! J.
There is a movie in Tamil in which a father character advises his son, “Whatever happens life should move on!” I’d rephrase it “Whatever happens life should move on Happily!”….

P.S : Please feel free to criticize / appreciate the views expressed :).