Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pesa Nalla Time :)

With a lot of Advertisements targeting children to sell their products, this one is refreshingly different with a pinch of romance added to it. For those who are not from the state of Tamil Nadu, it would be difficult to follow the content. It's a small conversation between a husband and wife, with husband requesting his wife to sit with him and he wants to share something with her. He keeps quite and with the cup of tea in the hand within 40 seconds the wife just gets tensed to know what he is going to say. Within moments she keeps on asking questions on one after the other while he keeps of dragging the time saying that I don't know how you will take this and finally she ends up at his earlier love affair and concluding that she knew that it would end up here. Sweet!.. still wanted to knowing it and clarify things she urges "Solli tholainga"..." [for the god's sake disclose it] and he reveals "I Love You".. Ah!!!... those tensed moments and kind of emotions spilled and exchanged.. It's invaluable and these two who acted in this advertisement has done full justice to it... 3 roses ending up with "perfect time to talk" has blended well with the emotion and the product which has a tag of "Niram, Suvai, Thidam" [Color, Taste and Strogness].... This one really stolen the heart

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Journey Unexpected!

It has been more than 4 years now since I got introduced to AID. It all began at a walk on the shore between Callengute to Baga beach at Goa. Can’t believe it! Now that the walk could be a life changing one. There’s where I got introduced to AID. I used to volunteer with an organization during my college days [don’t want to mention the name of the organization]. I had a pretty bad experience during those days and that’s where I decided that I’ll not get associated with any organization from there on. That was the reason where I decided to go for the Tsunami relief work on my own for 10 days. After knowing AID and listen to its stories I decided to just meet and interact with the people and know the organization. I attended a CSH at Meera aunty’s house at AIIMS and there’s where I got to know AID as an organization. In my very first meet I heard Mr. Srinivasan sharing his experience at the Tsunami relief work at Chennai. He was an AID US volunteer who was at Delhi. Parichay was my next destination. Thanks to Anirban and Somen who were with me answering all my queries and solving all my problems in understanding the organization. After 6 odd months I got to know AID completely as an organization and almost after a year I got a chance to attend the conference at Chennai where I got to meet a lot of people who are participating in struggles [Sangharsh] and understood that Sewa and Nirmaan would not be possible without Sangharsh.. Till then I seriously had a question on the same and always criticized on the sameJ.

Not only on the views, AID has also helped in taking critical decisions in my life as well. It actually thought me the process of an alternate way of living and seeing / solving problems with a different note. I would say that AID got a third eye / vision into my life. I also got a lot of friends at AID who’ve been very valuable and have played crucial part in my life. I slowly started to integrate my life into AID by understanding and experiencing its concept. It has been a pleasant journey from there on. Though there are lot of distractions for young people at the age between 16 & 30, place like AID provides an opportunity to keep one self not only as a normal human but also promotes thyself to a better position. One thing I understood even before starting to volunteer and also learnt from AID is that volunteer with a sense of responsibility and not as something you want to feel good by doing something good. If you have the later part majorly dominating your thought you’d not be able to think on a bigger picture of what change is. Change yourself from the later to the prior. Be the change yourself!.... you along with a lot many more others can make a better world to life.