Monday, February 28, 2011


Disclaimer: All the Characters and incidents portrayed in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance of the characters to an actual person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

27th December , Monday, 10.40 hours

Mr. Karthik has been adjusted as the criminal in this case as he had accepted the convict of the murder. The final hearing of this case will happen now on 7th January, 2011.

24th December , Friday, 17.50 hours

Karthik was just moving out of the car parking towards the lift, while Priya rang up…. “Karthik, I have to go on a week long business trip to Mumbai!. Can you just pack my bags as I’ll have to rush out. Just ring me once you reach upstairs, I’ll guide you through”. She hung up before Karthik could tell her about what had happened. He was still confused what he had decided was right or not. He just walked past to the lift when the security called him. “Sir, you haven’t checked your pigeon hole”. He was also kind enough to collect the couple of letters from it for him.

24th December , Friday, 18.15 hours

“This is why I love you so much Karthik, you are a darling” said Priya on the phone as soon as Karthik completed the packing. “Priya listen, I have something serious to discuss about with you!...”

24th December, Friday, 16.40 hours

“Karthik, we didn’t expect this from you. The blunder you’ve made has made the companies shares go down. We are at an all time low and it will take several months for us to build up our reputation back!, Considering the contribution you’ve made to our company, we haven’t fired you yet but don’t let your concentrations go down and be careful in whatever you do from here on. You may go now” yelled Vimal at Karthik….

Karthik knew that Vimal could have sorted this out prior, but Vimal wanted Karthik to commit this and take advantage over him. So many similar incidents with Vimal and Karthik decided that he is going to do this as he can’t bear any more. Vimal could gather what’s running on Karthik’s mind but somewhere his jealousy was jumping in the air!.

24th December , Friday, 18.45 hours

Priya could sense Karthik’s anger and she was shocked to hear what Kathik had just told her. “Karthik you are not going to do anything like this O.K.. Listen!, I’m going to reach home in 30 mins. We will then talk and figure it out but forget this Karthik!”.. Priya hung up. Karthik just kept the phone aside and picked up the letters that he had collected. Credit Card bills and then a personalized cover for Priya.

24th December , Friday, 22.30 hours

It was a very chilly night with dense fog around. The policemen were taking Karthik. He had called the police station and informed about the murder. There was just a bit of unwary situation among the neighbors.

24th December, Friday 22.10 hours

“Why did you do this Mr. Karthik?” Questioned the police man.

He gave the personalized cover which had a letter stating “Priya, we decided to leave town today but I am sorry that I can’t do this to my family. I am not going to run away with you. I still love you so much and take good care of yourself! – Love, Raghav”.

Inspector looks into the letter and sarcastically smiles at Karthik and says. “Mr. Karthik, this letter is addressed to Miss. Priya, flat number 19 B and yours is 19 D. Someone might have posted it wrongly in your pigeon hole, You could have held your nerves”.

“I just slapped Priya and didn’t know that she’ll badly crash on to the wall and….”Karthik couldn’t speak further.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thought for Food!

Had thought of writing this earlier as well but yesterday’s news of Superme Court’s direction to Food Safety & Standards authority made me write this now . I remember we used to play cricket on the streets. When a team bats first one / two member of the team will be the umpire as the other team has to field. And we all know how faithful the umpire’s would be. The only consoling part in that was both the team had a chance to have their turns of doing the referral part. The point of including agents from food industry in the scientific panels in fact looked very similar to the way we used to appoint the umpire!. It’s glad news that our esteemed SC brought this up.

I have been quite observing the advertisement industry over a period of time, I get to see tons of new advertisements basically targeting the minds of children and parents, repetitively arguing on health and nutrition and emphasizing their product fulfill / is the solution to anyone’s need!. We have earlier seen a company makes a food product and the other company produces another one as a competition to this and they advertise both are the best and so on… but now a day’s the same company makes multiple food products and educates us on nutrition and health and that too at the end states that this has been certified by Indian Medical Association, Indian Doctor’s Council. As per these advertisement and the doctors recommendations at the end of the advertisement, my basic mind analyzes and feels that a child between the age of 4 and 8 can survive with 2 glasses of complain / horlicks / boost / _________ [fill in the drink which you likeJ] and 2 biscuits made by HLL / ITC / P&G / Britannia / __________ [fill in your favorite company] as they contain all the essential proteins, vitamins, minerals and nutritions.

This is a serious threat!, where they produce false information [false certified information to be precise]. Children after watching these advertisements start to endorse a brand over a period of time. [I’d argue that we should not let children watch all these, but how many of the parents take care of that] Most of the food products don’t reveal their product information at all and seriously there are no ways in our country to access those. I have never understood what does permitted colors, permitted favors or permitted edible oil means?. We can still go ahead and say that we trust these companies make food products for the benefit of improving children health and nutrition, but none of their histories add values to it!. We’ve heard stories of violation of act on every possible industry.

There used to be a chapter of lesson on our school books on food adulteration, which some where helped us to understand the hidden logics of making profit. We used to [at least I] be aware and catch if any of our food being adulterated by local vendors because they packed things in front of us. Now there is no ways for me or you to know how things are made. Now all we know is two glasses of milk is equivalent to one packet of milk bikis. Thanda matlab coca cola… and so on!...

Overall what I could gather is during my childhood days, most of the food products were a luxury and over a period of time these have now being advertised as a need!. All I could now gather is a statement of a friend in her status “Why would anyone advertise a product which is a need!”. With the SC’s decision on suggesting an umpire who doesn’t belong to the same team which is playing, we could just hope that the regulations will be not just benefiting the multi nationals!.