Friday, April 25, 2014

Rest in Piece

Disclaimer: All the Characters and incidents portrayed in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance of the characters to an actual person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Friday, 13th April, 2012 03.22 hours

The car was speeding at 120 km/hr on a national highway with a little louder music. Sarah sitting adjacent to Aravind was half asleep. Aravind pulled out the last cigarette from the box and lit it. Disturbed by the smell of the fumes, Sarah in an irritated voice said, "Stop smoking cigarettes while driving Aravind, these fumes are really disgusting"... Aravind turned toward Sarah and said, "When will you stop fuming, Sarah?" and before completing the statement... trash.... Aravind ran the car over a guy crossing the road as he lost control with the cigarette in one hand and a diverted attention in responding to Sarah's question..... The splashed blood covered the entire wind shield before Aravind hit the brake..... Holy shit!!!..Shekar woke up from his bed to realize that this was just a dream. That was Sarah again, he contemplated... he couldn't rest in peace these days!...

Shekar works in a mortuary as a post-mortem assistant and is someone who is undisturbed by blood as he faces it on a daily basis. For him everything is flesh, be it a human body or an animal. He consumes a lot of alcohol to overcome the smell around him at the workplace but in principle he has been a very clean and honest person.

Wednesday, 4th April, 2012 16.45 hours

Dr. Vivek entered the post-mortem room looking for Shekar. He found Shekar lying on a table deep asleep. He also found a half emptied local brand alcohol bottle placed adjacent to Shekar. After spending a couple of minutes in waking him up, he asked Shekar to urgently arrange for the post-mortem room. Shekar though was unconscious knew the process by heart and was meticulous in preparing the room. Dr. Vivek mentioned Shekar that he'll also help in getting things ready as he found Shekar over drunk and the case was a little urgent.

Wednesday, 4th April, 2012 06.23 hours

"Aaaahhhhh".. Screamed Kavitha the moment she entered Sarah's room. She found Sarah lying on the couch with a part of her body and cloth completely drenched with blood. The circumference of the blood layer was wide and the texture of the same was scary on the white bedspread on which Sarah was lying. The blood had come from Sarah's left wrist which was cut deeply and Sarah was holding a knife on her right hand. Kavitha, the maid immediately called Aravind who was working overnight that day. Aravind was shell shocked hearing this and rushed back home. While driving home he was contemplating over the recent fight he had with Sarah, but still wasn't convinced that Sarah could commit a suicide. As soon as he reached home and saw Sarah, he broke into tears. A couple of hours later, Dr. Vivek and circle inspector Hari were there consoling Aravind. Dr. Vivek was a good friend of Aravind. Hari arrived there at the spot as soon as he had the information over the phone. After preliminary investigation, Hari requested Dr. Vivek to take the body for a post-mortem. Aravind was still in a phase where he wasn't conscious of what was happening around him. It was hard for him to believe his life Sarah had just taken away his life along with her!. He was trying to recollect the argument he had with her the earlier evening and that was the reason why he left to office!.

Friday, 13th April 2012 09.30 hours

Shekar was extremely disturbed by repeated dreams of Sarah, he has been getting such wired dream since the day he did the post-mortem. As he had consumed too much of alcohol, he wasn't able to recollect anything he did the other day except for the so peaceful face of Sarah and Dr. Vivek helping him. He felt that Sarah didn't deserve the death at this early age when he was cutting across her!. He tried to recollect the process and was worried by the repeatedly haunting dreams in which Sarah appeared every time. He was also aware that Aravind was arrested under suspicion because the post-mortem report had concluded Sarah's death as murder but still the motive of murder was unclear among the network. He also was aware that inspector Hari was handling the case and decided to talk to him about his repeatedly haunting dream. Suddenly something stuck at his leg as he didn't notice the rod lying in the corridor while walking with thoughts. He lost his balance and fell down and while he fell a silver bracelet fell out of his pocket. 

Tuesday, 3rd April, 2012, 21.05 hours

Dr. Vivek entered the post-mortem room looking for Shekar. He found Shekar lying on a table deep asleep. He also found a half emptied local brand alcohol bottle placed adjacent to Shekar. After spending a couple of minutes in waking him up, he asked Shekar to urgently get him a stretcher to move a body from the ICU ward. Shekar also went along with Dr. Vivek and helped him move the body from ICU ward to the Ambulance. Shekar went to sleep in the mortuary room itself after helping Dr. Vivek. The next morning he woke up to find the stretcher kept back at its place but also found a thin silver bracelet on it. He took it kept in his pocket to hand over it to Dr. Vivek. 

Friday, 13th April 2012 09.34 hours

Shekar cursing himself for not noticing the rod also picked the bracelet and reminded himself to go and meet Dr. Vivek to handover the bracelet. He straight away walked to Dr. Vivek and handed over the bracelet to inform him that this was found on a stretcher. Dr. Vivek collected it and after a brief observation looked up to Shekar and said, "Thanks Shekar, this is Sarah's, where you got this?. Is it from the stretcher on which Sarah's post-mortem took place?". Shekar was confused as his mind went blank and he just nodded his head . He immediately wanted to get out of there and meet inspector Hari. He left the room and walked quickly across the corridor, while crossing the reception, he could over hear the receptionist who was on her phone. "Yes Dr. Vivek, we'll send across the receipt of Mrs. Sarah Aravind to your cabin in a while for her check up on 12th April".

Shekar now walked at an increased speed towards the road, he found Sarah on his left with a serene smile walking along with him! Now he felt that he could rest in peace!

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