Friday, July 18, 2014

Mission Kavya!

Disclaimer: All the Characters and incidents portrayed in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance of the characters to an actual person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Tuesday, 15th December 1992 : 13.57 hours, somewhere near Zoji la

“Major. Rajesh, after a momentary pause, Major. Rajesh… address your radio”, said Capt. Iqbal to me. That was when I realized that the radio tied on my waist was alarming for my attention!. I picked the wireless to address and it was from our high command who asked us to locate ourselves.  We had by then just reached on top of the Zoji la which was uphill from Sonamarg and the only possible route to Kargil. Getting on top of Zoji la during early December was a near impossible task.  Me and 4 more of my boys were determined enough to complete the task given to us and had reached on top. We were destined to reach peak 7196 via Kargil. Though I was in contemplation and confusion over the recent fights with Kavya back home, I had to lead the boys without any hindrance.  Kayva and I got married a decade ago. We’ve had wonderful time together but in life things never remain the same throughout. Partly I thought that I hold the responsibility over  the recent developments of the cracked space between us but then ego never allowed me to admit it to her.  I always found fault on her and she did with me.

“Major. Rajesh, we may need to camp somewhere around here for the night. We can probably reach Dras by the evening and we can camp at Brig. Sharma’s regiment. I’ll send out information immediately about our arrival. I hope Brig. Sharma knows about the operation” mentioned Capt. Iqbal.

“Yes, he does Capt. I too feel that we need to camp at his regiment. Do the needful”, I ordered him.  Brig. Sharma was one of the most respected personal across the regiments during our time. He was so charming and has always been a role model to many of us. I do remember some of my (g)olden days when he was  my mentor in my earlier days in army. I thought it was a good time to meet him because I was so also very disturbed and the operation needed clearer thought process from me. We reached Dras half past five.

“Major. Rajesh, Brig. Sharma would meet you at his residence at 19.30 hours”, said Capt. Iqbal. We had just getting settled at our camp there and I had one more hour before meeting Brigadier. I had made plans for the next day and instructed Capt. Iqbal to organize the itinerary.

Brig. Sharma was all the same. 6 years since we met but nothing had changed with this man. He carried the same Charisma. After a brief session on catching up with the happenings in each other’s life, we discussed briefly about our mission plan. Brig. Sharma did notice that I wasn’t at my normal and he asked me about my problem. I spoke about Kavya and the recent development of internal war between us. Brigadier smiled and said that these kinds of problems exist in almost everyone’s life and ultimately it’s us who allow the problem to grow up rather than seeking immediate solution.

After an hour long debate, he turned to me and asked only one question, “Do you love Kavya?”.

After a brief pause I said, “Of course, Yes Brigadier”.

“Then tell her everyday that you love her. Tell her that the she is the most beautiful thing that had ever happened to you in your life. It’s that simple. I do that with my wife and we never fight with each other”, winked Brig. Sharma.

I wasn’t greatly convinced with what he said but couldn’t disagree as well. I did love Kavya and if I am correct, she did the same too. When I reached back my tent at the camp, I recollected that Kavya had kept a box in my bag before I departed. I didn’t open to see it till date but now out of curiosity I opened it to find a small note “Be safe and come back soon. I love you!”.  I thought that how foolish I had been of not evening bothering to open the box since I departed. Had I opened it I wouldn’t have contemplated so much throughout the journey. I realized that Brigadier was correct. We humans have the tendency to allow the problem grow bigger before we put an attempt to solve it. I now felt like meeting Kavya as soon as possible. Wanted to hold her face and look in to her eyes and tell her that how much I loved her!.

It took us 3 more days before we completed the mission in recapturing the peak 7196. I believe that the small note helped me gather all my energy and made me fight with a greater zeal.  I would completely dedicate this victory to Kavya. It was mission Kavya for me.

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